Dancys is a mens lifestyle brand specialising in mens accessories. We are focused on quality and style. We love great prints and good design. We design and develop our own products and packaging in-house. Above all we champion British made goods – they’re the best!

All of our products are sourced and made in the UK and although this can make things harder for us we think it’s worth it. Everything we create is individual and unique, personally packed for you from our Norwich based studio.

100% British Made

By choosing to manufacture in the UK, we are helping to guarantee jobs for skilled workers in Britain. It also means everyone is paid fairly for the work they do, thanks to the minimum wage requirements of the UK, as opposed to lower rates afforded to those manufacturing in the far east.

UK manufacture is also environmentally friendly; there is no need for huge container ships to navigate the globe for the delivery of our products.

100% Individual

Our products are always made in limited edition quantities, so you know there won’t be many people out there wearing the same item as you! Sourcing unusual prints is very important to us, they enable us to create products that are different and exclusive.

100% Eco-Friendly

We believe that it’s the responsibility of businesses as well as individuals to ‘be green’ and as a result we have made all of our packaging 100% recycled. Every little bit of it!

We’ve also chosen all packaging to be paper-based, which means it’s 100% recyclable and can continue to be kind to the environment.