Not only do we design and develop all our products ourselves in our studio, we also source British made materials from around the country to make them from.

Plus we only use small British manufacturers to create products we know are of the highest quality and standard, for although using UK manufacture can make it harder for us we think it’s worth it. We know our uk manufacturers personally as it’s important to us to be able to oversee every detail of the production process so we can create something personal to us that is totally unique to you. We are proud to champion British made industries and British made products are the best!

Not only are we committed to quality and the importance of our ‘made in England’ label, we are also an ethical brand, all our packaging and labelling is 100% recycled and eco-friendly, it’s also designed in-house by us too!

We love great prints and good design but the most important factor about our products is they are unique. They are often made from one off materials and always in limited quantities, so you know there won’t be many people out there wearing the same item as you! Individuality in our prints is very important, so we can create products that are different, exclusive and most definitely not to be found on the highstreet. This factor combined with their unrivalled quality is reflected in the price, but we believe British made luxury goods are worth that bit more.

We’ve got lots more to do, lots more to show you and your support really counts for a lot so take a look at our products, tell your friends about us, and be kind enough to follow us on twitter, instagram and Facebook to keep up with our latest news.


All of our amazing ties, bow ties and pocket squares are proudly made right here in England! The majority of our packaging is sourced in the United Kingdom too.

By choosing to manufacture in the UK, we are helping to guarantee jobs for skilled workers in Britain. It also means everyone is paid fairly for the work they do, thanks to the minimum wage requirements of the UK, as opposed to lower rates afforded to those manufacturing in the far east.

UK manufacture is also environmentally friendly; there is no need for huge container ships to navigate the globe for the delivery of our products.



Being individual is an important asset in being a happy person. Why follow the crowd when you can create a new path, more stylish and fashionable than the rest?

That is why at Dancys we work hard to source amazing fabrics which aren’t on the high street, all so you can stand out from the crowd!


Here at Dancys we feel strongly about honouring the commitment we all have to the environment. We believe that it’s the responsibility of businesses as well as individuals to ‘be green’.

In fact we really took this mantra to heart, and as a result we have made all of our packaging 100% recycled! Every little bit of it; from the address labels, to the ink, to our beautifully coloured boxes. You name it, it’s recycled.

It wasn’t easy, but we felt it was worth it. But more than this, we’ve also chosen all packaging to be paper-based, which means it’s 100% recyclable and can continue to be kind to the environment.