Dancys enjoyed a nice relocation recently to the beautiful and historic city of Florence, the perfect place for inspiration; whether that came through the architecture, street life, Italian fashion, beautifully patterned ceilings or doors and floors, there was plenty to choose from!

Not only is it a creative city full of creative people, it is also naturally brimming with classic Italian fashion style. There is a true, traditional, gentlemanly style which perfectly suits its surroundings. Italian men wear incredible suits and panama hats as they sit outside cafes with their espresso, reading the daily paper. They wear a lot of well cut blazers or bold, brightly coloured trousers with a crisp white shirt, maybe with a patterned pair of braces (watch this space…) or some quirky, colourful socks and a knitted tie (the Italian tie staple).

Luckily for us the Italians also have a great appreciation for floral prints (which are often couple with a fabulously smart shirt), so it’s been easy for us to discover lots of ideas for the expansion of our floral range as well as hoping that we could find some Italian stockists in the future.

June also brought to Florence the yearly show of Piti Ultimo, the huge menswear fashion event which is Italy’s answer to London’s MAN show. It was a wonderful time to be in Florence; it was as if a spaceship had dropped a collection of the most stylish men on earth in one place… mostly all were bearded with slicked back hair and shoes without socks underneath cropped tailored trousers and patterned blazers worn with an amazing array of scarves, cravats and pocket squares.

To envisage the epitome of Italian style think Gregory Peck from Roman Holiday crossed with Toni Servillo in La Grande Bellezza with a splash of modern quirkiness and colour thrown in and you’re on the right track. Italy is a mesmerising, inspirational place and a great place for a Dancys photo shoot… Yep, keep tuning in!