Dancys has always had a clear sense of gentlemanly behaviour. You don’t have to be old-worldly, old-fashioned or old… but there is an element of smartness, of dandiness, of quirkiness even, and we kind of like that.

We often draw on old movie stars and actors for inspiration, men like Cary Grant, David Niven, Robert Redford and how Steve Buscemi’s character is dressed in Boardwalk Empire, as well as modern day dandys like Chuck Bass and Matt Smith’s version of Doctor Who.

There are lots of chaps we associate with Dancys (and would love to have associated with us!) most of them are well known public figures who we intend to send some samples to in the run up to the imminent website launch, along with some bloggers/stylists etc. Stephen Fry for example, is on our list; he’s quite traditional in his style but always adds his own creative twist and is a very dapper chap.

Jonathon Ross and Graham Norton are other well dressed celebrities with a penchant for a quirky tie and pocket square (and suit!). Even other British gentleman types like Bill Nighy and Benedict Cumberbatch would suit one of our floral bow-ties.

Another chap we thought of was MIC’s Francis Boulle; a businessman and entrepreneur himself, he always dresses smartly but with a modern edge, we’d love to see him in one of our limited edition ties, and you never know… maybe one day we will!