Fleck Off.. yes you heard us! This tongue in cheek branding is a new exciting venture for us and a little different from our usual summery florals and unique prints, these socks are bold and in your face! They have always sat on the sidelines of what we do, a part of our range but not entirely fitting in, not exactly connected to the typical association people have with Dancys. We ourselves didn’t always know what to do with them or if they were right for our customer, there’s something separate about them, they’re more casual perhaps but we love them and so it seems do a lot of you.. So we have decided to make a feature of these socks and give them the identity they deserve by creating new packaging for them, much more eye catching and attention seeking than the subtle branding previously used.. The idea came about in discussion with cool menswear store Working Title Clothing who were interested in stocking our British made fleck socks and wanted to aim them at the young guy who likes edgy and contemporary fashion yet appreciates versatile, wearable style and so ‘fleck off’ was born. We approached local designer Sian Osborne (check out her amazing work at www.lovelytype.co.uk) to create the individual designs for each colour option and her quirky, colourful illustrations including ketchup, cactus and hairy feet (yes really!) certainly exceeded expectations. Think of Fleck Off as the naughty sibling of Dancys, it’s a new avenue for us to explore and we can see a whole range evolving from this so keep watching!