We recently created our own range of gift sets on the website, as a unique wedding service if you will, predominately for our growing number of groom customers (though of course you don’t have to be a groom to buy one) and we called them ‘Groom Sets’ and ‘Groomsmen Sets’ just to make them even more obvious plus clearly couldn’t come up with a more interesting title!

The groom sets consists of a tie and matching pocket square with complimentary coloured socks and the groomsmen sets are made up of a matching pocket square and bow-tie, perfect for wedding attire or any event, special or otherwise. They are limited edition, unique to us and of course are made to the highest standard here in England, like all our products are.

We created 6 designs of both the sets to begin with, each in a different colour and pattern so there was a good variety to choose from, understanding of course that weddings and occasions can have specific colour palettes and themes. Our sole purpose was wanting to be of help to our customers on their big day. We had no expectations regarding the response but were pleased and surprised to discover how popular they are; several styles have sold out and we are in the busy process of creating some new ones. It seems that buying in a set is easier, more functional and makes a nice personalised gift too, many grooms have bought several to give to their best men.

Our other more general gift sets comprise of a pair of our luxury nylon ribbed socks in various bright colours paired with a contrasting patterned paisley pocket square, in a bold and colourful combination which somehow works (we think!). Every single gift set is beautifully gift wrapped in individual gift boxes with great care and attention so if you want a gift for someone else this is ideal. Now we know how much you like them we have many more ideas to come over the next few months so do watch this space and if you haven’t already check out our gift set section!