This Autumn/Winter we decided to create a range of beautiful, luxurious wool ties from Harris Tweed cloth. We’d been thinking about it for a while, having been long-time fans of the historic association and the dedication to traditional methods.
The inhabitants of the Western Isles Of Scotland also known as the Outer Hebrides have made cloth by hand using looms for centuries, long before an industrial revolution ever occurred. That cloth, entirely hand woven in local communities was produced for domestic/local use and was a huge part of their ‘cottage industries’ a term used to describe a community trade where goods are made entirely by hand in the homes and villages of inhabitants and for the benefit of said community. These islanders not only made their own hand woven cloth but from their own wool too which had been dyed and spun by the villagers and so many long cold winter nights were spent this way.

Originally called ‘Clò-Mór’ Harris Tweed only got its name sometime after 1840 when the countess Of Dunmore from the Worth Harris estate took an interest in the cloth. The cloth then became increasingly popular amongst the upper classes due to the great quality and craftsmanship and this ultimately led to its great success. There was also a lot of philanthropic work amongst the upper class to promote and support this cottage industry, as well as to help maintain social and economic change which is something we still support today.
Now Harris Tweed is sold worldwide and is a globally recognised brand. On their own website you can buy cloth as we did or ready to wear items. We chose 4 colours of cloth and made a limited collection of ties already popular with our customers and grooms in particular. So if you choose Harris Tweed wool for an event of your own remember where that will has come from and that you are in fact supporting an old and incredibly important industry.