We offer two payment options; Paypal and Credit or Debit card processed by Square.

We have chosen these two payment providers as we feel they suit our customers needs, being both familiar and secure, as well as simple to use.

Transaction Currency

All transactions are in GBP Sterling (£), and handled inside the UK. Transactions with customers outside the UK are subject to the relevant exchange rate on that particular day according to either PayPal or Square depending which payment method is chosen.

To view PayPal’s currency conversion rates please follow these instructions.

For more information on Square please follow this link.


PayPal allows you to pay using your existing PayPal account if you have one. This means you can use credit/debit cards you already have stored in your PayPal account, or the balance of your PayPal account.

If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can still use PayPal to pay for goods, without making an account.


Square is our credit/debit card merchant. You can use any valid credit or debit card to pay.

The transaction takes place on Square’s secure servers, before returning you to after a successful completion of the payment.