At Dancys we’re really proud of our range of British made and in-house designed products. The uniqueness of our products is one of our key selling points.

However, we know that it is hard to find our ideal customer on the internet, and that in some ways our products benefit from being seen ‘in the flesh’ to really appreciate their quality and individuality.

This is why we like to partner with small and independent boutiques, shops and tailors across the country. We feel shops such as these really suit the nature of the Dancys brand, and that stocking Dancys can complement your existing range of products.

We’d love to hear from you, so drop us an email to help@dancys.co.uk for more information, or to request a pricelist.

We also don’t require a minimum order, so you’re welcome to just order a few items to try them out and see how your customers respond. We’re confident you’ll be coming back for more!


As well as looking to partner with smaller shops we are also keen to make partnerships with larger shops such as regional chains or national retailers.

We would be happy to produce set ranges of products exclusive to you in order to offer a unique range of products to your customers.

We are confident that the features of our products; quality, design, Made in England, and Eco Friendly are all elements which your customers will appreciate and value.

We believe that these features offer a more compelling reason to buy than our competitors on top of our already eye catching beautiful designs.

Please get in contact with us on help@dancys.co.uk