As a small independent brand ourselves we naturally advocate other independents and support them in any way we can. Usually all we can do is offer a friendly word, some encouragement, our contacts and follow their pages on social media! Since returning to Norfolk from London it has been a nice experience to get to know a couple of local independent brands better and in real life as apart from meeting incredible brands at events so many connections these days are just in the virtual world and as fantastic as that is there’s also something important and valuable in knowing the owner of a brand personally and understanding their vision and ethos. We are lucky enough to know a few such brands and are going to introduce you to two of them here.

First up is another online menswear brand like us called Tramp Menswear, who unlike us specialise in bespoke t-shirts, all designed and made in house by the super talented Sapphire who created the brand. For those of you not from a manufacture/design background let us tell you- there’s a hell of a lot of work that goes into making a t-shirt and much precision and skill is required to produce it to the highest possible level of quality which Tramp undoubtedly do. Tramp t-shirts are impeccable and come with beautiful detailing like a pattern edging to the sleeves, a feature pocket or a contrast colour neckline, whilst always bearing the Tramp menswear logo on the front- a scruffy yet loveable dog wearing a top hat aka ‘Tramp’. Currently they have 18 styles of versatile and contemporary t-shirts available plus the option to design your own, we love their muted and understated colour palette and choice of trimmings, the design element of the brand really speaks for itself and it’s great to see a focus on British materials and manufacture. Their bio states ‘We are committed to delivering fresh menswear with intelligent style’ and it’s true, go see for yourself at

Our second mention is a mega cool shop based on Bedford Street in the creative Norwich lanes (very near to Dancys HQ) called Working Title Clothing. The owner Martin is the most knowledgeable person you could meet in terms of menswear trends and he truly has an eye for unusual and innovative brands. His shop not only has an edgy and current vibe with some brilliant wall art and nice displays, it also has an excellent collection of products including clothing, shoes, watches, sunglasses, jewellery, ceramics and some fleck socks from yours truly. There’s a real mixture of styles available too from Peaky Blinders vibe (Afield) to utility wear (Fortune Goods) to urban streetwear (Daily Paper). He stocks brands like Bellerose, Realm and Empire and Native North which we genuinely recommend you check out. We like premium streetwear brand I LOVE UGLY who have some whacky prints and summer pastel tones. Martin has also collaborated with local illustrators and artists to create limited edition printed t-shirts featuring quirky street scenes from the city we live in, these local artists have also at times illustrated the inside and outside of this epic shop! You really should see it but don’t worry you don’t have to come to Norwich in order to shop at Working Title, all their stock is online so head straight over to believe us, it’s worth it!