Dancys ties, bow ties and pocket squares are all made in England by our trusted manufacturer based in Kent. They are really lovely people who do a great job for us, but unfortunately – like all good things – they are in high demand and as a result are fully booked for the next couple of months. This means our latest selection of ties, bow ties and pocket squares will be delayed until the end of August 2015 at the earliest.

Do not worry though, we have things covered! We’ll be releasing samples of the upcoming fabrics and patterns here on our blog and also over on twitter, instagram and facebook, so keep your eyes peeled and don’t forget to follow us to keep updated.

With all of the hiccups in life we like to look for the silver lining, and it was this delay to our production plan which had given us the opportunity to explore other potential product lines, such as shirts, which has been a desire of ours to produce for a while now.

Finding a shirt maker isn’t as easy as you might imagine. Shirt makers tend not to advertise, since they work in industry circles with returning clients, and are not actively looking for new business. All of which makes them hard to find, but as well as this we also need to find a manufacturer who suits our needs of high quality, small quantity, reasonably priced garments, and are made in England.

So far it feels like we’re searching for a needle in a haystack of cheap, low quality foreign factory manufacturers. However, we’ve recently found a couple of promising leads, so we’re hopeful they will turn out to be the manufacturer we’ve been looking for.