Happy new year and here’s to a prosperous 2018! What do you have in mind to achieve or pursue as the first days of January begin to unfold? It’s a great time to think outside the box about things you might previously have missed or given up on. Is there a long held dream you’ve been meaning to resurrect? Or perhaps there’s just some day to day things you’d like to improve? In a recent article in the Standard they detailed the top 10 most common new years resolutions, so if you haven’t thought of something yet maybe this will inspire you..

1. Eat better. Ok so we all fall into a trap of eating on the go, or what’s easiest instead of what’s healthiest or helping ourselves to that family sized bar of chocolate when we’ve had a bad day at work, but now is a great time to detox from the Christmas splurge and bring in more fruit and veg.

2. Exercise more. How many of us think ‘I’ll start jogging tomorrow’ then wake up in the cold and dark and realise we’d much rather have an extra half hour in bed? Yep us too. The thing is start off small and build it up slowly and maybe start on a weekend while it’s light.

3. Spend less money. That’s an important one, we’re all guilty of buying too many coffees or deciding we just have to have that item, whereas if we actually took lunch to work for a year we’d save enough money for a proper holiday.

4. Self care (i.e. get more sleep). Sleep is hugely important to well being and mental health so get to bed earlier! Time to relax and rest your mind after a busy day is also imperative.

5. Read more books. Obviously it’s important to expand your mind and increase your knowledge but it’s also good to escape the mundanity of daily life so whether on your commute or relaxing at home disappear into an exciting plot.

6. Learn a new skill. Think of it as something fun, maybe cooking or DIY or something to do with friends, but it could also be something educational or developmental that helps you progress at work or enables you to follow a long held dream like setting up your own business.

7. Get a new job. This is where we spend the majority of our time and energy so we need to make sure that commitment is valued and we feel appreciated, otherwise 2018 will be a miserable one. Refresh that CV, re-write your cover letter, get back on LinkedIn and see if friends have any useful contacts! Job hunting takes effort so commit yourself.

8. Make new friends. You’re never too old for this right? But studies show it gets harder the older you get so learning new skills/joining groups could be a good way to go. Who knows who those new friends could introduce you to.

9. Get a new hobby. This undoubtedly puts you in the path of new people and can help build confidence so worth doing!

10. Focus more on appearance. We’re assuming this doesn’t mean become self-involved but instead cultivate an appearance you are happy with that gives you confidence and allows you to live the best version of your life. Maybe assess your style and wardrobe and see if anything needs changing or updating? A new look and haircut can work wonders and doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Perhaps you just need some new accessories like some of our print ties or bright socks? Invest in some good quality, key pieces and support independent businesses like us if you can!

The key with any of the above is small steps and not being discouraged if it doesn’t go to plan immediately (we have all given up new years resolutions whilst still in January don’t worry) just pick something and give it a go, you’ll be glad you did! As for us at Dancys we are planning some changes to our website, hoping to introduce new products and intend to update our social media pages more regularly! Good luck everyone.