Dancys is slowly and surely coming along. We have the stock and are eagerly anticipating our photo shoot, in the meantime we are trying to organise other important matters such as our packaging. Obviously the product speaks for itself but our packaging has to represent what we are about too, so nothing boring for us! We want our packaging to be as bold and as colourful as our stock!

We found a great company that provides little coloured boxes in a variety of pop brights; we particularly liked the turquoise and pink ones (purple being too closely associated with a different brand). We also wanted to differentiate the packaging of our main range from that of our Limited Edition range. So, we’re thinking coloured boxes for main range with a floral ‘D’ (our signature logo) on top and for the Limited Edition products something slightly more classic – black boxes with a gold ‘D’.

The only problem is the current box samples are a tad too small for our product! (We tried to cram the bow-ties in but it just didn’t look right). We’re now waiting to hear back from the suppliers on making us a bespoke size and then we can order.

In order to make sure we don’t delay our launch any longer than we have to, we’re now looking to choose three different sized boxes, rather than one box which fits all our items.

One good thing is our packaging will be 100% recycled and eco-friendly, and of course; British made… Dancys is all about the Britishness.