At Dancys we’ve decided to incorporate the ever versatile Paisley print into our next collection which launches next month. We’ve picked four delectable styles in a mature colour palette and can’t wait to see what you think. Paisley has been popular within men’s fashion and particularly men’s accessories for as long as anyone can remember; surely we’ve all seen a silk cravat in a bold paisley print tucked into a dapper chaps neck? Or an all over paisley print on a nice shirt worn with a smart suit? Paisley has always been quieter and less obvious than floral prints but it makes a statement all the same, it just depends on how much you want to stand out. Subtle pocket square or full on suit? The choice is yours.

We think of paisley in quite an English gent kind of way but the English cannot take any credit for it as the design originates from Persia as a droplet shaped vegetable motif, but the design was then further developed in India and became very popular in the West during the 18th and 19th centuries. In welsh textile industries it became known as ‘Welsh pears’ whereas some think of it more as a twisted teardrop or a simple fig. In modern times it became widely identified with psychedelia of the 60’s and Beatlemania after The Beatles wore paisley blazers and shirts. More recently it has been a prominent part of men’s collections by Dries Van Noten , Etro, Topman Design and Paul Smith as well as lesser known designers like Andrea Pompilio. It may have been around for a long time but seeing all these new colours, designs and styles shows it has plenty of mileage left yet!