We were super prepared this month and organised a beach themed photoshoot for our spring/summer 2018 range of eclectic florals and fresh ginghams. We grabbed a couple of models, some summer suits and drove to our nearest beach- the delightful Southwold (it’s wonderful, do check it out) it was still early so it was quiet, there were just a few dog walkers and swimmers. Luckily it was a bright sunny day although it was very windy which made things difficult- lots of blazers flapping and ruining the shots not to mention lots of sand in our eyes! Southwold is full of the most picturesque lollipop coloured beach huts all bright stripes and pastel hues. It made for the most perfect setting with the ice blue and crisp cream linen suits we had bought from Asos teamed with a minty fresh striped shirt from H&M and a bold floral one from Boden.


 We spent a few happy hours getting all the shots done with our fantastic photographer Denisa, some against multicoloured beach hut back drops some amongst the dunes and some panned out to maximise the breadth and beauty of the seascape. The outfits and our new products stood out fantastically against the electric colours- it was a small brands dream! We had a great time and were super pleased with the results, we cannot wait to use the photos and show off our new stock but you’ll have to wait until next spring for the full reveal, this is just a sneak peak of what’s to come. It was so much fun and low budget too, just the model and photographer costs only (plus a little petrol and some obligatory ice creams- would’ve been rude not to!).