Oh the joy of stationery…  Are we the only ones who get excited about purchasing a new coloured notebook or relish the anticipation we get when faced with a crisp white page? Stationery is something we associate with plans, dreams, thoughts and ideas, it heralds the promise of something new. Even if you’re not planning your empire or writing your life story it’s good just to ‘jot’ things down, make notes or capture something you wish to remember later. Here at Dancys we love and appreciate stationery in all its forms, the studio is full of colourful notes and memos, bright pens and pads, not only is it useful it’s uplifting too. We’ve been thinking for a while about how we can incorporate stationery into our product range, would it work amongst the selection of ties, pocket squares and socks? Dancys wouldn’t be your ‘go to’ brand for stationery and nor would we want it to be but could it work well as another additional gentlemen’s accessory alongside our other goods? Always up for giving something a try we have made a range (here in England of course) of mini pocket notepads in a cool collection of colours, each one embossed in gold with our signature ‘D’ like our luxury gift boxes have. These are perfect for busy gents on the go, for the back pocket or in your bag, ready to record that important thought! This is a very small starting point for us and will hopefully lead to more stationery from us in the future, for now, happy scribbling!