When Dancys began there was never any doubt it would be a ‘British Made’ brand and I remember fondly the time and energy that went into finding and meeting our UK manufacturers and suppliers. It was incredibly important to me to support British industry and continue that history, heritage and legacy of British manufacture which has been changing and developing since the boom of mainly industrial production in the 19th Century.
 The other thing we really wanted was that one-on-one connection with our contacts, a personal relationship, the ability to meet up/pop by etc not be on the end of the phone thousands of miles away. I was able to visit our manufacturers for an initial chat before any agreement was made, see the premises, meet the team and go through my long list of questions face to face instead of getting pissed off with someone over email. As a small business starting out it really helped to have that support and luckily it doesn’t go away which is great business wise but customer wise does anyone actually notice that we are a proudly British made brand? Do they even care? I don’t know.
 There is undoubtedly a niche group of customers who look for a British made label and value and appreciate what that entails; the quality, the craftsmanship, the attention to detail, the time, the energy, the thought, the finesse. I am glad of those customers for they understand that being British made costs a lot more than sourcing manufacture elsewhere and they know that this is reflected in our prices for the whole process costs us more. To the rest of our customers who maybe just haven’t thought about it- I would say that there is a journey that goes into all our products, from design to sourcing materials to manufacture to marketing and we would love for you to understand it and be a part of it. Without your support British manufacture would be unable to continue for future generations and that would be a great loss for our country.