The weather has undoubtedly made a subtle shift and we are no longer confined to the inside of our coats, we have finally shrugged off our scarves and layers and can stand on our own less heavy feet again. The question is – what to wear on them?

The transitional period between seasons can always throw up some questions and frustrations especially in regards to footwear. It’s now too warm and too spring-like to wear boots or heavy shoes but it’s not quite summer either. Here are our top 5 picks of shoe styles to help you through the next few months.


A traditional woven classic, looks great with turned up chinos, good with simple slacks and a plain shirt or perfect as part of the classic suit no socks combo. These shoes are always smart and it’s best to invest in a pair in good leather with fringing for ultimate style plus comfort and versatility, Topman have some for £45 or Clarks for £70.

Nautical Boat Shoes

These fun, casual and jaunty shoes have a beach vibe ideal for summer and work well with coloured shorts and lightweight trousers, The versatility of their smart/casual style works well with fresh tones and simple colours to create a cool look. Seen in Next, Timberland and Sperry prices ranging from £40-£80.

Grey Suede Desert Boots

A useful wardrobe staple, some brands call this shoe ‘iconic’ for its style and simplicity. In the traditional suede material you can dress them up or down and the beauty of a desert boot is they go with pretty much everything, just don’t wear them to a festival. Office, Superdry and River Island are advocates of this shoe, prices around £50.

White Canvas Sneakers

There is something universally retro and classic (not to mention cool) about white canvas sneakers plus they add a fresh 90s vibe to any look. White is a summer go to colour so you can’t go wrong with these. Shop them in Converse for £65, Vans for £60 and Lacoste for £70.


These lightweight canvas shoes look super nice with floral prints or a simple jeans and t-shirt. These are more affordable and the type of shoes you can update or interchange year by year but they never go out of fashion! Asos, Reiss and H&M do cool pairs for £20.