We’ve been longingly eyeing up some beautiful watches recently, all of which are very reasonably priced we think, and could be a diverse collection of watches, all for less than the price of single a Rolex!

So what’s our top ten men’s watches on the market today I hear you ask?


Well in at 10 it’s the Braun Gents Digital Watch BN0046, the perfect upgrade for that Casio you’ve been wearing since high school.

Braun takes cues from it’s legendary head of Design, Dieter Rams, in this minimalist time piece which offers a no fuss approach to 21st century timekeeping. No date, No alarm, just the time. And maybe 24hr/12hr presentation if you’re bothered about that.  All for the sum of £145!


The INSTRMNT 01-C. Designed in Glasgow by a small team of designers who created their own watch inspired by mid 20th century design synonymous with the likes of Charles Eames.

This classic looking watch features a leather strap from Germany and a Swiss movement. £2 from every sale goes to charity, so as well as supporting a small British brand, you can also help a good cause. A beautiful watch and a warm feeling inside. £180


Void Watches V02MKII-SI/MR uses an unusual dial format to display the time. Similar to a technical dial such as a VU meter like you might find on a retro stereo amplifier from the 60’s and 70’s. The two hands operate through 180 degrees of rotation rather than 360 degrees as normal, however once you get used to the watch format, we’re sure you’ll appreciate it for the future classic it is.

We recommend the all stainless steel finish, including Milanese metal bracelet. $325 (~£260)


The moto 360 watch, which is ostensibly Googles own attempt at cracking the smartwatch market. The feature which most appeals to us about the watch is it’s attempt to fuse the more traditional aesthetic of watches with some of the functionality we now expect of our phones, which has resulted in Motorola using a circular display, rather than the square display adopted by Apple and others.

However this rounded display may cause some issues for the user in terms of using the software and displaying information. However usability aside, we feel the non-flashy appearance of this watch makes it the perfect understated accessory worthy of Ben Wishaw as ‘Q’ in Skyfall.  £289 Android & iPhone compatible.


Chi & Chi Polygon watch. A watch which has caught my eye for some time now, the unusual faceted edges are reminiscent of the modern phenomenon of curves being rendered as angular geometry on computers. However, the attention to detail which sees this design element enforced throughout is excellent. For example take a closer look at the date dial in the face of the watch and you notice that it is not just a round hole pressed through the face, but indeed a similarly faceted hexagon. Handily the 24 edges adorning the circumference of the watch face each account for 1 hour. £120


Rosenthal Pico is probably the epitome of design simplicity and minimalism. Testament to this is the fact it has been made a part of the MOMA permanent collection in New York. Coming in a variety of great colour combinations, there’s a Pico out there to suit everyone. The one we’ve selected is the rose gold face, with light grey strap. Perhaps not a watch to wear every day, but an interesting alternative for special occasions. Best of all, it’s great value at £125 and available at the great Dezeen watch store where you can find many many other beautiful watches.


Projects Suprematist is a watch which is inspired by Russian artist Kazimir Malevich, and as a result looks like a piece of constructivist design for your wrist. The hands are thick strips of bold colour, which as they pass one and other create ever changing formations in the face. Half interactive art piece, half time keeping device. With a hard wearing black silicone wrist band, and Japanese movement, the Projects Suprematist is another bargain at £120.


Uniform Wares M40 watch, a beautiful combination of tan brown strap and dark grey face. Designed and developed entirely in house by Uniform Wares in their London studio/workshop, the watch itself is then made in Switzerland. The watch is designed with quality as the driving force, utilising materials such as nappa calf leather for the strap, and a sapphire crystal lens for optimum scratch resistance.

We think this watch is another timeless classic, and one which will go with everything, so don’t hesitate paying a bit more for this quality watch, it’s still a steal! £350


No. 2 Leff Amsterdam Tube Watch D38 Black. The tactile and textural nature of this watch really makes it stand out in what can be a very 2D world of watches. The chunky notches which encompass the perimeter of the watch face and symbolise hours and minutes are cast into the casing of the watch, and imbue a sense of solidity and hefty quality. This is the slightly smaller unisex version with a 38mm face, which helps to offset the heavy styling of this watch, but those who really want a decent size watch on their wrist then the larger 42mm diameter version is probably for you. How much? £149


(Imagine bad tony blackburn impression) So in at number 1; up 5 from last week it’s: The Greyhours Vision Shine Electron!

I’ve been aware of Greyhours since the launch of their first watch the Essential which launched for a remarkably low price of £130 (now priced £210), but offered the finish and appearance of watch twice that price with it’s all black appearance, accompanied by a slither of electric blue on the second and day hands.

But that was last year, so to followup on their success Greyhours have released a new watch the Vision. This time in an all navy colour scheme, complimented by yellow second, date, and day hands. The date dial is added opposite the day dial, balancing the aesthetic nicely.

This combination of stylish colour and simplicity means that it could only ever sit at number one on our personal run down of men’s watches. Sharp yet understated, and goes with anything! The perfect all-round watch for the stylish man. £240

So there you have it! 10 Watches for less than a second hand Rolex.