We’re kicking off the new year with some new styles, New year new prints that’s our moto. These newest prints are particularly, what’s the word.. ‘jazzy’. They’re bright and bold and hold no punches. The material was sourced on one of our many trips to London where we forage into the fabric depths of Shepherds Bush and Edgware Road, both prints immediately stood out and despite initial reservations about whether anyone would actually want to wear these (you can’t let small issues like that hold you back) we thought sod it, they’re amazing, they’ll make incredible ties and now, here they are. They have a Liberty vibe but are not actually Liberty print, one is a soft needlecord which gives a nice texture to winter style, the pink is something unique for those who love a statement piece whereas the navy is more versatile. Perhaps the pink is too flower power Austin Powers for some people but we think it’s great to stand out from the crowd. We also have some new geometric prints, new wools and new florals too plus some in a new skinny shape so there’s lots to choose from. We work hard to source materials that you won’t find anywhere else, that’s what makes us an individual independent brand and we hope you will continue to support us by telling your friends about us! We have lots more to show you over the year ahead, new patterns, new products, new ideas, so watch this space. Here’s hoping 2017 is ours and yours best year yet.