It’s been a while since we kept on top of our blog, but we’ve turned a new leaf and want to keep you informed of our plans and developments here at Dancys.

Dancys is a very small business, run just by two people: me and my sister Nelly, with additional help from friends on the website, photography and accounting when they can. It’s this small scale that makes it both fun, but also with a lot of responsibility, as we have to be a bit of a ‘jack-of-all-trades’. Web design, photographer, buyer, accountant, pick and dispatch… at some point in the day we do it all and as such it can be difficult doing things such as keeping up with the blog when VAT returns are looming.

Dancys started off as a business we ran in our spare time, fulfilling orders in the evenings after work when my sister was living in Wimbledon London, and working at Topman on Oxford Street. Family illness caused my sister to move back to rural Norfolk, where we continued to add to the range of floral ties, bow ties and pocket squares that Dancys has to offer.

Things over the past 6 months have slowed down however, and now with the summer ahead of us we want to push forward, creating an exciting new range of fabrics in our ties, bow ties, and pocket squares. But beyond this we are also keen to explore new product ranges, namely socks, braces, shirts, and even cravats, which we cannot wait to share with you. Watch this space!