Our design space currently consists of a desk, a laptop and a giant sized pin-board overflowing with imagery, drawings and inspiration. There is a variety of fabric samples hanging up and a bunch of post-it notes on the wall to remind us of things we need to do!

At the moment there’s also a stack of boxes full of ties, bow ties and pocket squares just ready to go! On the desk are business related books, a massive tub of coloured pens and a pile of mens fashion magazines we use as well as home interior ones too (you’d be surprised how interesting they are), lots of exciting prints and vintage wallpapers. As the basis of our inspiration is chintz – its something that can be found in many areas – especially second hand furniture and flowery curtains!

Lots of our inspiration comes from art and old floral patterns. Anyone who knows the work of William Morris will understand our appreciation. Photos from still life are on our pin-board too, as are snaps we secretly took in shops of items we thought were very ‘Dancys’ and of course there’s the odd picture of a particularly well dressed chap – mainly Chuck Bass.

One of the best images is of an old fashioned bathroom; blue chintzy wallpaper and retro furniture – that pretty much sums up our vibe; dapper gentlemen with a modern twist.